11 Feb 2010

My Digga Shaman – Virgil

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Something that I technically probably knew, but had always overlooked with regards to GoMo’s standard Ork mobs is the fact that they are entitled to hire Diggas.

It is mentioned in Da Uvver Book, but no rules are supplied, however they do exist on page 27 of Digganob as a bit of an afterthought:

An Ork mob may hire Digga warriors, in the same way it hires other fighters. The mob must have a Slaver to include Diggas. If the mob has a Slaver it may hire Digga-Boyz, Digga-Yoofs and a single Shaman, although his services are rarely needed to actually keep them under control. A hired Digga is treated like any other mob member and is chosen and equipped from the Diggas for Hire list as normal.

When working in the scrap mine. Digga-Boyz and Digga-Yoofs may dig D3 teef worth of scrap. A Shaman will not dig but may conduct a ceremony of searching This works exactly as normal and allows the Orks to add 2D6 teef to their income if successful.

If a mob falls so low that it has to resort to hiring Diggas, it is likely to lose .1 lot of respect from other Orks. For this reason, an Ork mob with Diggas fighting for it must follow the Digga rules for visiting the Meks. This means that until its mob rating reaches 200 it must deduct -1 for any rolls on Da Big Day chart. Note that the mob’s Spannerz may still fit gubbins as normal though.

IMG_2422My mob, Nazgrab’s Yella Deff has previously hired grots, picked out by the mob’s ruthless slaver, Grimfang.

After a rocky start, Nazgrab has managed to get quite a rep around Mektown, giving him enough respect to hire Diggas without fear of anyone laughing at him, well, at least to his face.

However, why bother hiring weedy Diggas unless they can do something special?

In a brewhouse near the Job Pole he stumbled across a shady Digga carrying a rather brutal looking staff. A few teef and a human-sized shoota changed hands and Virgil was on board. So far he’s just got a knack for finding scrap, but perhaps he’ll acquire some additional abilities as time goes on, we’ll see.

In terms of the actual model, he’s a bit of a history lesson. His body comes from an old (Necromunda) Delaque heavy from the mid-nineties, so old that I’m fairly convinced he’s actually cast in lead. He has plastic hands from multi-part Imperial Guard Catachan Jungle Warriors released in the late nineties or early 2000s. Attached to his waist are a set of Ork bullets from 3rd edition, around 2001 I think, the first modern multi-part Orks. He’s holding a shoota from the Gorkamorka boyz sprue from 1997 and his Findin’ Rod is made from a Grot Prod from the modern plastic Gretchin sprue. How’s that for nerdy knowledge?

Here he is painted up. He’s not brilliant, I know, but then again it’s been about a year since I last painted humans and I’m just not that great at painting.

IMG_2426 IMG_2425

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