4 Jan 2010

Da Seige: Nazgrab’s Yella Deff vs. The Questers of Magod

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Nazgrab’s Yella Deff vs. The Questers of Magod
IMG_2260Scenario: Da Seige (Da Uvver Book, scenario 6)

Recently a rather brave young seeker named Magnus drew together a group of like-minded mutie warriors in order to start a crusade against the green menace, calling themselves the Questers of Magod. The group’s membership comprised of two snaga brothers, Bacus and Bucus, a keeper named Statistix and a single ‘unk, Mol. United in their goal, they set out to take the fight to the orks.

The first real test of their abilities came when they encountered the fort of Nazgrab’s Yella Deff, inside which there were piles of freshly dug scrap – lost technologies that could be of great worth to all mutie kind.

IMG_2267What follows is an account of that first raid.

Attacking with the sun at their heels, the first obstacle to their success was the fort itself and its formidable gate. Fortunately their keeper wielded a jezail, quite capable of punching an entrance for them, as long as he could get close enough to use it.

With the rest of the party providing covering fire, Statistix lined  up the shot. The blast was prodigious but not enough to take down the gates, striking true but merely rattling the great portal.

IMG_2268Unfortunately this made the keeper vulnerable for a few moments as his weapon recharged in preparation for a second attempt. Nazgrab had felt the jolt of the blow and was about to return the favour, firing his shoota over the barricades at the exposed mutie, pushing him back, nearly causing his steed to flee.

Meanwhile, Morduff’s head wound was acting up, riling him up and giving him a taste for mutie blood. Charging across the walkways to get a better look he was disappointed to see they were still hanging back. Soon he would get his chance, but not before Bacus could level his caliver at him and take a chunk out of him.

Reinforcements were on the way though and a cheer went up from the defenders upon seeing Krunch on the scene. With ‘Ardkop at the wheel and a few shootas behind him for support, it would soon seem quite foolish to attack this particular fort.


IMG_2274IMG_2273Firing up the thrusters, Krunch proceeded to be the weapon of choice against the intruders, running down Statistix (putting him out of the fight) and downing Bucus, one of the snaga brothers.

The muties move in, trying to get enough firepower into the fight, but this merely provides Morduff with the opportunity he needs. Diving from the walls the enthusiastic but incapable morker boy takes on the muties’ ‘unk. A fierce melee ensues, eventually resulting in Morduff emerging, bloodied but happy, looking for his next mutie target.

IMG_2275In the following minutes the raiding party exchanged fire with the buggy and the fort defenders with some success, disabling Krunch’s twin-linked shoota. It was around this time that Snik, Nazgrab’s first and favourite grot, lost his mind and became frenzied, probably due to the severe headwound he’d recently suffered. Charging towards Bucus perhaps seemed like a good idea but it was only a moment before the little greenskin was cut down. Permanently. (RIP, Snik..)

Morduff’s luck also ran out, taking on Bacus, the other snaga brother and losing. Choppablock was not about to see his mate go down though and followed him, choppas at the ready. His luck held steady and he proceeded to cut down both Bacus and Bucus, avenging the fallen grot.

With only Magnus left on the battlefield (mostly) unscathed, the raiding party decided to cut its losses and retreat. Perhaps next time Magod will smile upon their boldness.

Neither Snik nor Bucus made it out of the fight alive. You will be remembered. Probably.


Result: Victory to Nazgrab’s Yella Deff


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