14 Oct 2021

Andy Chambers and an Unboxing

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Midwinter Minis managed to get a sealed copy of GoMo which would be fun in and of itself but better than that the man himself, Andy Chambers, gets interviewed in it too!

27 Jul 2021

Ziddan’s GoMo Fort

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Something that everyone remembers when Gorkamorka gets mentioned is the awesome fort that came with the game. Cardboard and Necromunda plastic bulkheads were how GW did terrain back in the day. These days if you want the fort your options were either to find a second hand one or to print out its enormous pieces in colour (on card!) and then source some bulkheads.

However there’s at long last a third option – you could 3D print one:

Some time ago a user called Ziddan on Thingiverse recreated the minehead that came with the fort however they’ve now gone further and recreated the entire fort!

It’s free so if you’ve got access to a printer and fancy a fort that’s even nicer than the original… well… fill yer boots!


The Gorkamorka Facebook group is remarkably active. Whilst it’s hardly the ideal medium the GoMo community online has never been as active as that group is. It’s amazing. It also means that sometimes something emerges that really stands out. Today we’ve got something like that for you – something from a GW staffer from back in the day.

Fungus Brew Rescue is a demo game scenario – complete with the notes for staff and the rosters that were used (including a photo of one of the vehicles from the game). It was posted by William Greenwald last month and you can check it out here:

Download PDF

8 Dec 2020

Da Rage Race

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Got a drunken score to settle? Let’s race!

The board moves with you and it’s a long run but the first over the finish line gets the loot. Health and safety is giving it the thumbs up…

This was written by James Reichelt from Cheltenham and sent in as a letter to Citadel Journal #28 (1998). For years that was all we had to go on and then suddenly he popped up on YakTribe!

The Gorkamorka Heritage Project continues to bear fruit. If you wrote something for Gorkamorka and published it anywhere it might have been seen get in touch so we can share your work with the rest of the GoMo community.

Download PDF

This document was written by James Reichelt and with permission was edited by Benjamin Fox. It’s licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share-Alike license. The layout was made by Benjamin Fox using images created by Jenny Mathiasson and is also licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license.

Our friends over at MiniWarGaming have started their third season of Gorkamorka!