Who doesn’t love a good war rig scenario?

Kiblams has written one but needs some help with playtesting it. It uses “NotMobz” rules to create an AI faction (the crew of the tanker) but getting the balance right is a little trickier than you might think!

Here’s a video of him trying the scenario out on his own:

Currently the scenario exists as a Google Doc that anyone can add comments and suggestions to (but not edit). No sign-in required.

It’s here and the bit that needs playtesting most is the crew section. What are good values to provide a challenging but fun game?

15 Jan 2017

The successor group

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There’s been a Gorkamorka group on Facebook for quite a while but after the old admin retired the community there was left floundering. At least at the time Facebook didn’t have a proper admin succession system in place and so the only option was to create a new community. Skarnir took it upon himself to do just that and roped some of the other usual suspects in to ensure there’d be a full admin team (Dim_Reapa, Kiblams, and Flamekebab).

With four people approving member requests it recently surpassed a thousand members. Turns out there’s quite a lot of people interested in this daft little game!

You can find the group here:

Gorkamorka Facebook Group

5 Dec 2016

Fox Box’s Santa Klawz model

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In 2014 the Gorkamorka Heritage Project put together a full PDF release of the festive scenario that fattdex created. You can find the PDF release of the scenario here.

Well the mental mek over at Fox Box has put together a model for the scenario, complete with present tokens!

Fox Box Santa Klawz

He’s got a Christmas discount too so any of you wanting to have a go at the scenario in the next few weeks can grab him for cheap.

There’s also a video showing off the different parts of the model so you can get a good look at all the parts:

You can find the model here:


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Over on YakTribe hreikin has been working on a document full of optional vehicle rules in an attempt to create a bit of diversity. He doesn’t have access to many playtesters though so it’d be great if some of you could take a look and give him a hand with some feedback!

The document is here:


9 Oct 2016


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Fox Box FrankenorkAs the nights grow longer there’s more time that monstrous creatures can prowl unseen. In this case though it’s probably more interested in fungus tea and some peace and quiet…

Remember our Frankenork scenario from six years ago? Well one of our lot sculpted Da Monster for a competition a little while back. It’s a direct adaptation of the artwork though so he couldn’t just get copies made for sale without securing permission. That’s all sorted now though (Cheers, Clayton!) and now Da Monster is up for sale over on Fox Box.

To commemorate this we’ve laid out the scenario in the new template and given it a bit of polish. Call it version 1.1 if you like!

Download PDF


These rules and artwork are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share-Alike license. The rules were written by Benjamin Fox, Ross Graham, and Matthew McPherson. The artwork was created by Clayton Tait. The layout was made by Benjamin Fox using images created by Jenny Mathiasson and is also licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license.