7 Nov 2009

Lootas: Da N00bz vs. Nazgrab’s Yella Deff

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Transcribed from play-by-play Twitter updates:

Da N00bz vs. Nazgrab’s Yella Deff
Scenario: Lootas (Da Uvver Book, scenario 3)

Da N00bz have been diggin’ scrap today, but Nazgrab and his lads are feeling greedy..

Lots of yummy scrap was up for grabs, although Da N00bz might still make a break for it and take the fruits of their labour with them, if only they could get their gas turbines back online.

Nazgrab’s buggy, Krunch rams Keith, Da N00bz’ trukk, immobilising itself!
Luckily it wasn’t all bad news, Da N00bz boy Sid was taken out in crash of steel on steel.
With Krunch out of commission, there was nothing else to do but open fire. Gubzo let loose with his twin-linked shoota, peppering Keith and damaging its upper cog links, reducing its movement.

It should be noted that this is the first time that the weapon hasn’t jammed or run out of ammo!

Da N00bz step up and start taking shots at Krunch as the crew cower behind the little cover the buggy affords. Vern’s rain of slugga fire pins the Yella Deff’s grot, Snik – get yer ‘ed down! 41447025
Vern’s cheers are short-lived however, as the Yella Deff’s trukk, Grin, arrives to lend some support. Down goes the poor lad as Zagwazza runs him over.

Now for a field run of the mob’s brand new gubbinz, a vicious looking big grabber. Krasher mans the controls and tears the nob pins from Keith, immobilising it for the rest of the game. Ouch!

It’s all getting a bit much for Da N00bz and they start to retreat, trying to cut their losses. 41453051
Grimfang, the Yella Deff’s slaver fancies himself as a bit of a ‘ard nut and tries to take on one of Da N00bz. No such luck, he goes down like a sack of spuds. Better luck next time, mate. 41454973
Choppablock, an old hand deciding to get back into the hunt for scrap. Hailing from the old days he’s finally healed up and ready to give it a go. It shows too as he takes on Duhwayne from Da N00bz and is able to keep him at bay for two rounds without result. Hang in there, lad. 41458355
Krukzog decides to make himself useful and skewers Da N00bz leader, Eugene, with a harpoon, putting him down. 41460885
With that the game is over, Da N00bz scarpered and Nazgrab’s Yella Deff cleaned up all that juicy scrap.

Unfortunately, despite this victory, there were casualties. Grimfang ended up at the dok’s with a head wound and came out with a twinging head, seems something might have been left behind..

Not so lucky was Thogskin, who that dastardly Vern actually killed! You’ll not be forgotten, my son!

Result: Victory to Nazgrab’s Yella Deff.

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