14 Nov 2009

Lootas: Nazgrab’s Yella Deff vs. Unknown Freebootaz

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Transcribed from play-by-play Twitter updates:

Nazgrab’s Yella Deff vs. Ross’ Freebootaz (unnamed for now)
Scenario: Lootas (Da Uvver Book, scenario 3)

This time around the tables have been turned, although Da N00bz are nowhere to be found. Instead there appear to be some zoggin’ freebootaz on the rampage.

Krasher mans Krunch’s big grabber again, tearing the bandits’ undercarriage off, immobilising them. Score.

Their ride may be down but these pirates aren’t going to let that keep them down.

On foot they start gathering as much scrap as possible, putting them in a good position to come out the victors of this scrape.

Whatz dat, da boss iz in trubble?! Let’z go!

Grin flies onto the board to help nail these pesky thieves, putting the morkers at a significant advantage in terms of movement.

Seeing reinforcements on the way, the boyz take heart and lay down some covering fire. Nazgrab’s shoota hits da kaptin, but the rich git was wearing armour! Argh! 42882579
The backup lads are in the fray now, hopefully they can do some good! 42887093
Choppas and blood flies in all directions as a huge scrap breaks out around the freebootaz’ vehicle. Can they hold steady? 42889443
Grimfang has learnt his lesson since last game, picking his targets. Amazingly Mork smiles on him this time.

The slaver charges and then follows up in a split second butchering three freebootaz in one go!


Meanwhile, Nazgrab and Da Kaptin are at each other’s throats.

Steal me scrap?! I’ll clobber yer!


It’s all over, with just one freeboota left on the board, they scarpered!

Result: Victory to Nazgrab’s Yella Deff

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