14 May 2012

We Woz ‘Ere Furst: Project Badass 2 vs. The Scorcha Boyz

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Some greenskins over at We Bleedz Green are just getting started with their GoMo campaign and have posted a battle report that some of you might like.

The bikers of Project Badass 2 (Elektrik Boogaloo) took on the cage-loving orks of The Scorcha Boyz a few days ago in a bit of a beta test. It looks like there’s going to be more stuff coming out of We Bleedz Green so you might want to take a look at their blog.

We Bleedz Green


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  1. Honest Dan Says:

    Due to real life schedule conflicts we probably won’t start the campaign until early or mid June, so those who are interested in battle reports can expect to see them in about a month. Between now and then most activity will be new scenarios, our finalized rules amendments, maybe some painting/modeling stuff and possibly other people posting their mob sheets. Thanks for the plug and hope everyone enjoys it!

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