29 Jun 2010

Burnas in Gorkamorka

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burna-boyIt’s finally time for the first component of Ere Be Stuff to be released – Burnas!

Yes, yes, we’ve released Matt’s Mutie healing rules as a preview release, but they’re still being worked on, tweaked, illustrated and updated.

Given the Orks’ penchant for fire in all its incarnations it’s a little surprising that dedicated burna rules were never released but now they have been!

Previously fire and burnination was limited to scorchers and the odd splattapult payload but we here at tUGS felt that something as delightfully destructive as fire should appear more often. That and there’s been so many great models for them released!

Primarily written by Benjamin Fox (tUGS’s very own Flamekebab) but with significant contributions by the whole team, this release sees the first public appearance of Clayton’s artwork for the project. I’m sure you’ll be as impressed with his artwork as we all have been. You can see more over at his DeviantArt page.

So, we present for your consideration, Burnas in Gorkamorka:

Download PDF

Edit: A new PDF has been created using the more modern template.

This document was written by Benjamin Fox and contains artwork created by Clayton Tait. It’s licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share-Alike license.

7 Responses to “Burnas in Gorkamorka”

  1. Deathrace King Says:

    Nice idea! I have been using Burnerboy models for my Spannerz for a while – I couldn`t find many other models wielding appropriate tools.
    I have always used the blowtorch as an melee-only weapon with the profile of the big choppa.
    I like the idea to use it as a comboweapon in both melee and shooting. But I think it shouldn`t be as good as a scorcha (Actually it isn`t because it has a lower S, but I think it should have a lower distance instead)
    Perhaps use the small flame pistol template for it?

    The Artwork is stunning! I am really looking forward to see the mutie illustrations of this guy!
    Great work all in all! I like your style of writing!

  2. Flamekebab Says:

    Deathrace King – cheers for the response! I wanted to reply to say that I did consider the issues you raised but felt it was relatively balanced in its finished form. The weapon actually costs as much as a Scorcher and a ‘Uge Choppa combined, but with a few things that make it less useful.

    For example, as it’s not a big gun it cannot be used in conjunction with Loadsa Ammo to improve reliability.

    Furthermore, as you mentioned, it’s not as strong as a Scorcher, although once a target is ignited the effects are the same.

    The template gives it 8″ of range, reducing it further seemed to be a little overkill, although I did consider using a Necromunda hand flamer template.

    In the end it performed well in playtesting and we had a lot of fun with it. If we later find it to be overpowered I’ll modify the rules and post a fresh, updated set.

    I too am looking forward to seeing what he makes of the Muties, he’s fantastic.

  3. Ray Says:

    This is the best house-rule I have seen so far. I just love the burna boys. But I was wondering why it does 0 damage? Doesn’t that make the strength score obsolete?

  4. Flamekebab Says:

    It would do, wouldn’t it?

    Thanks for pointing it out, I completely missed that. No matter how many people we run documents by before releasing them, there’s always a few mistakes left!

    It’s supposed to do 1 damage, just like the scorcha.

    I’m really glad you like the rules. I’ll go and fix the PDF right now.

  5. Flamekebab Says:

    There we go, it should be fixed now. I had to redo lots of the document following a mishap a while ago. If there’s anything else you spot, let me know 🙂

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  7. Matthew Bester Says:

    Now this is a bit of me! I love all things burny.

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