12 Oct 2011

Da story of da town

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Hello folks! Here’s a little bit of fiction that describes how Da Town came to be. It’s a little haven for the freaks of Orkoid society who don’t quite fit in even by the weirdness of a large Orky encampment. Each of the named characters in where will hopefully acquire a mini-campaign suited to their profession in the future. These scenarios could also be inserted into a larger campaign and will include some which can be run “solo” to help mobs that are falling drastically behind possibly make up the ground in experience or teef. There will also be some special items only obtainable as a result of these scenarios that I’ve got in the back of my mind. So without further ado…!

Da Town

Once upon a time a few years back, an ambitious young Mekboy by the name of Brazzop went out looking for scrap and found a doozy of a pile. Rather than share it out and put it towards the construction of Gorkamorka, the Mek hatched a cunnin’ plan. He built his workshop around the scrap and gained a reputation for making quality vehicle gubbinz, using his superior pile of scrap to make them da shootiest and da loudest. As a result, a small town grew up around the workshop away from the eyes of the Big Mekz and their unerring devotion to Gorkamorka.

First came the brewhouses, one each for Gork and Mork, as Orks are a deeply religious people and can’t be drinking in a pub that isn’t in favour with their Godz. Then came Cookie who reasoned that Orks who were waiting for vehicle repairs and drinking in the pubs would need some top quality grub to keep them ready for the fightin’ of the day and built a slop shop. Cookie knows fine Orky food and keeps a small squig pen where he breeds the special ingredients that are rare in Mektown and can only be afforded by the very richest and most iron stomached of Nobz. Once a week when there’s a caravan headed to Mektown, he sends one of his boyz to pick up the essentials and sell on any spare exotic squingredients he has.

Dok Biskap has a small serjery on the hillside where he tends to those who survive the pub brawls and those who are a bit more reckless with their personal health. He left Mektown in rather a hurry after an unfortunate incident involving a Kustom Thrusta Boosta being attached to the mouth of a Nob who was less than pleased about its location. Of course, due to the placement of the boosta, the nob hasn’t actually managed to tell anyone who did it to him without it being drowned out in a blaze of flames and smoke but the Dok felt it was time for him to move on and avoid any unnecessary bad press.

Of course, it’s a dangerous place to set up shop out in the sand without the protection of the walls that surround Mektown with sandscorpions, Mutie raiders and curious Dust Rats poking around all over the place so life is a little more fraught out here. A small cadre of retired Orkz act as town guards though they’re more concerned with filling their faces in the slop shop than maintaining order. They know all the legends and rumours about what goes on in the desert and can still hold their own in any given fight. Often the threat of their jackboots being stuck somewhere unpleasant is enough to dissuade the less reckless from starting any big trouble in the town.

Add to that the bonus that the Big Meks aren’t actually watching what you are doing and suddenly Da Town opens up a whole load of possibilities for Boyz who can think Big! Da Town also acts as a haven for Freebootaz, Bikerz and other outcasts of Orky society. While mobz loyal to the Big Mekz also frequent the area, there’s no real reason to start a proper rumble unless there’s a real profit to be made. And all the real profit is made by one particular ork, Abak Manyfingaz!

To be Continued…

Will these Orks change the course of history on Angelis? When are Biskaps disgruntled patients going to catch up with him? Is Brazzop in for a kicking from boyz sent by the Big Mekz? And who is Abak Manyfingaz? Keep a bionik eye out folks!

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