10 Jan 2011

Digga Firewater

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digga-firewater-weevilAs a big fan of both The Warriors and fire I couldn’t resist the urge to write something to let the Diggas wreak fiery havoc on their enemies. They may be the underdogs but they’ve got a lot of fight in them!

Firewater is both a strong liquor and an excellent weapon. Add a burning rag and you’ve got a Molotov Cocktail in a pinch.

I drew some concept art to go with the rules but it didn’t turn out so well – so I gave the doodle to Clayton and he came up with this bit of awesomeness.

Can you dig it?

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This document was written by Benjamin Fox and contains artwork created by Clayton Tait. It’s licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share-Alike license.

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  1. Gaueko Says:

    Thanks a lot for this and althought this post has not have any life on years, it is still online. Thankyou again for giving us the chance to enjoy GorkaMorka

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