22 Jul 2011

Feral Orks (Open Beta)

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Suddenly: RULES!

Yes, it may seem a bit crazy, but we’ve just published just about everything for The Feral Orks. They’re beta rules, of course, but we’ve done our best to test them out; Skippy and Flamekebab have been running weekly tests sometimes with the help of Mattzm and Depiff.

As we said with the Dust Rats:

This is an open beta test, which means that these rules are not finalised and some things may be changed before the final release. That said, we encourage you to try out the rules and give us feedback as that is what this is for. We can test them in-house but we’re only a small group of people and we simply don’t have enough time to try out every permutation. So, please, try out the rules and tell us which bits are broken or unbalanced!


The complete PDF is done now and you can get it here.

Download PDF


Wot? No PDF?

There will be a PDF soon. Flamekebab is being dragged from his lair as we speak to be put to work in the DTP mine. With any luck they’ll be done by early next week. In the meantime this post should make it easier to find what you’re looking for.


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