17 May 2011

Newz from da Skid! Sightings of Feral Orks

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Greetings fellow Gorkers (or Morkers)! It’s been a while since there has been anything proper released from those behind tUGS and we thought it was time to rectify that. Today marks the official announcement of the Feral Orkz faction in Gorkamorka, part of the Ere Be Stuff expansion pack! These primitive orks lack the flashy gunz and trukks of the Mektown Orks but what they don’t have there they back up in sheer size, numbers and ferocity! Riding into battle atop mighty squiggoths, these brutes are coming down from the Howling Hills to wreck havoc on those posh gitz in Mektown! And pulling the strings are the weedy little Weirdboyz, those freaky little warpheads who channel the raw will of Gork and Mork! So sharpen your stone choppas, put down your cave paints and get ready to get up close and personal with the Feral Orkz!

We’re beavering away at making the Feral Orks a fully functioning side, with weekly alpha tests being conducted and we are hopefully reaching the point of open beta in the near future (No promises though!). To whet your appetite for all thingz Feral, here’s the introductory paragraph explaining the origin of Feral Orks on Angelis.

When the Hulk came down on that fateful day, a lot of things changed. The Paleo-Team watched as they were sealed in by falling debris and sealing bulkheads. The Dust Rats scurried to ground as the sirens on the base sounded for full alert. And the observation team aboard the Eternal Vigilance clung on for dear life as they hurtled towards the ground. And aboard the hulk, the orks died in their millions. As the hulk finally ground itself to a halt, the dead ork bodies released a huge cloud of spores which flew up into the upper atmosphere along with all the radioactive materials, toxins and smoke. Some fell soon back to earth. Others flew on the gentle breezes until they touched down in the far reaches of the desert, never to properly propagate. And one cloud of spores was whipped through the air towards what would later be called the Howling Hills.

As the spores were windtossed, they bathed in the worst of the radiation and the intense heat Angelis’ twin suns. And something happened to the orky DNA residing within. Parts were changed, others destroyed entirely. If it weren’t for the fact that the spores had been designed by the Brain Boyz to grow as soon as they had adequate resources, these new orks would never have spawned.
To the casual observer, they would appear not that different. The squigs were larger, more ferocious. The fungus grew in the cooler mountain air to much larger proportions than they ever reached around Mektown. But looking a little closer would reveal something odd. This society had no Grotz. And the Orks were more muscled than average. Except for a few. Perhaps one in every 100 was weedy and small. But these little runts had such strange eyes. They glowed sometimes. And the orks never made any of their normal moves to find weaponry and vehicles.

A basic history has been established from records recovered and analysis. There was an ork who was really big and one who was really weird. The biggest ork couldn’t get any food because he was much bigger and slower than normal, so all the squigs ran away from him. The weird one couldn’t get any food because the squigs were bigger than him. But he could make them sit still if he concentrated really hard. So one day the weirdboy told the bigboy to stand behind him until he made a squig stand still. Then the bigboy would rush forward and rip the squigs head off while it gazed dopily at the weirdboy. And the partnership was forged. From that day, Bigboy and Weirdboy were best friends. And so the society was built around this concept. A Big Boy and a Werid Boy worked together to allow both to eat. And other orks pledged to fight for them in exchange for being allowed to share the food the two of them caught. With more boyz and some practice, the weirdboy could charm even larger squigs in place and the boyz would all pile on until it was dead. So the system flourished. Occassionally rather than kill a squig, the boyz would put it to work, either hauling food back to the camp or to ride around to find more food.

In actuality the Feral Ork version is even simpler and probably went something like this.
“Is’ ‘ungry too!”
“I makes squigz still. You make it go splat!”

This partnership is the entire idea behind the Feral Orks. Let us know what you think so far! More fluff and possibly even rules to follow soon!


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