22 Oct 2010

Orktober – The Dust Rats – 5. Hot zone

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It’s the end of the week, but there’s still more to come. We estimate we’ll have all the Dust Rat stuff released by next Wednesday. Then we’ve got some Orky stuff to round out the month.

Here’s the conclusion to the Dust Rat’s background:

1. Landfall

2. Lockdown

3. One Small Step

4. Silent Cartographers

5. Hot Zone

At the present time, the Dust Rats have stripped most of the desert near to their base of anything useful. As more and more salvage missions return empty handed, command has been forced to reconsider their position on avoidance when it comes to the greenskins and the mutants. Over the mountains and past the Ork settlement sits the crash site of the Orks’ ship. While they worry that the greenskins cannibalization of the ship may have resulted in the salvage being unusable for their purposes, the situation has reached a breaking point. To give up now would be to fly in the face of all their efforts over centuries. Their ancestors and their Emperor would look upon them with disgust for their failure.

New orders have once again been handed out. Units are now authorized to enter the hot zone around the crashed spaceship carcass and begin salvage as quickly and effectively as possible. Recon squads of bike mounted soldiers sweep across the scar on the surface, noting the position of promising pieces of equipment and then returning to give the locations to the recovery units. The most recent reports suggest that parts of the Eternal Vigilance have finally been discovered, fiercely guarded by their mutated brethren. A full assault would be suicide, but in time any problem can be overcome.

This is where the future is made, with young men and women standing ready to go out into the Dust and beat the greenskins back to claim the tools they need to survive.

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