19 Oct 2010

Orktober – The Dust Rats – Mob listing

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Here’s the basic mob listing for the Dust Rats. The equipment list will be available tomorrow (we’re having some technical issues that are both infuriating and boring). The vehicle rules will also be released in a separate post, otherwise this one is going to become far too long.

Troops for Deployment

It’s time to recruit your Dust Rat unit. The listings below should give you the details you need. If you’re confused at all, have a look at “Mob for Hire” on pg. 24 of Da Uvver Book.

It’s probably worth reminding you that your models need to reflect the weapons and equipment you’ve chosen. It may seem pointless busy work to some players, but battles run considerably more smoothly if there aren’t constant interruptions to check what your opponent or your own warriors are armed with. By having models with appropriate weapons clearly visible it just takes a glance to know what you’re up against, plus they look pretty damn cool too!

Disposition of Forces

As mentioned earlier, you start with 100 teef and can spend them on whatever you like, as long as you stay within the rules (see below). You are not required to spend all your teef, you may save as many as you wish and add them to your Teef Hoard for use whenever you see fit.

Enlisted Men

Minimum 3 Warriors. A mob must have at least 3 warriors including its Commanding Officer.
Commanding Officer. Your mob must include a Commanding Officer to lead your unit.
Veterans. If you wish, you may recruit one Veteran.
Grunts. There’s no limit on Grunts, include as many as you wish.
Planks. Up to 33% of your warriors can be made up of Planks.
Bikes, LRVs, and SSVs. Your unit needs enough transport to carry all its members, but there is no limit on how many vehicles you may include.


Cost to recruit: 10 teef

To those who show themselves to be a little stronger, a little faster and a little smarter than the average meatshield out on the battlefield, Field Command selects them for a programme instructing them in advanced tactics, the subtler arts of war and a heapin’ pile of responsibility. Charged with keeping as many young lives safe as possible, the COs are often more grim than the lower ranks of the mob, but even more determined in combat.

4 4 4 3 3 1 4 1 7(8)

Weapons: Commanding Officers are assumed to be armed with a knife and can be equipped with anything from the Hand to Hand, Gunz, Armour, Grenades, and Veterans lists in the Dust Rats armoury.
Leadership: Your leader only becomes a fully fledged Commanding Officer once he has won a fight or survived two battles. His Leadership then rises to 8 automatically.

Cost to recruit: 9 teef

Dust-Rat-VeteranVeterans come from a variety of moulds. There’s the soldier who still lives for the rush of surviving on his wits and guts, the career soldier working his way to officerhood and the consummate survivor who’s determined not to let any more of those damnfool kids get themselves killed than is absolutely necessary. You may include one veteran in your mob.

4 4 4 3 3 1 3 1 7

Weapons: Veterans are assumed to be armed with a knife and can be equipped with anything from the Hand to Hand, Gunz, Armour, Grenades, and Veterans lists in the Dust Rats armoury.

Cost to recruit: 5 teef

Dust-Rat-GruntsHaving seen some actual combat and probably well into their mandatory tour of duty, these jarheads are the bread and butter of any Dust Rat unit. Their increased access to the armoury has given them time to hone their shooting skills to make even a small group an effective fire team.

4 2 4 3 3 1 3 1 7

Weapons: Grunts are assumed to be armed with a knife and can be equipped with anything from the Hand to Hand, Gunz, Armour, and Grenades lists in the Dust Rats armoury.


PLANKS Dust-Rat-Plank
Cost to recruit: 2 teef

These rookies are fresh out of basic and still wet behind the ears. However a hard program of pushups, rifle drilling, formation marching, more pushups and field excercises have left them at least able to follow orders.

4 1 3 3 3 1 2 1 7

Weapons: Planks are assumed to be armed with a knife and can be equipped with anything from the Hand to Hand, and Gunz lists in the Dust Rats armoury.



Bike – 8 Teef
Light Recce Vehicle – 15 Teef
Support and Salvage Vehicle – 20 Teef

Equipping Your Unit

When first deployed into the field, a Dust Rat CO can’t just requisition anything he likes, first he has to prove that his squad can get the job done with the bare minimum. Field Command will then authorise some of the bigger, louder and more destructive toys for his boys to get their hands on. As a result, you cannot have any Kustom Jobs or Gubbinz fitted to your weapons and vehicles or buy anything from the Equipment List until you return from your first mission and the list below reflects this. There is no need for you to have been successful, merely to return alive.
Certain items carry a level of prestige and are only issued to NCOs (and anyone higher). This is reflected in the list below as a few items are in italics, these may only be equipped by warriors with 81+ experience points (i.e. Sergeant level).

Vehicle Armaments
LRVs and SSVs can be fitted with a weapon from the Big Gunz listing only. The Dust Rat Engineering Corps does not fit twin-linked weaponry to vehicles considering it pointless busywork. Bikes cannot be armed with anything.

Drivers and Gunners
The drivers and gunners for vehicles must be nominated when the vehicle is first acquired and are then permanent unless ousted by a challenger (detailed under the “Dust Rats In Campaign” Rules). Should a driver or gunner be unavailable (such a due to physical therapy, capture, or an old battle wound) then another member of the unit may take the position permanently without a struggle.


Dust Rats Special Rules



Dust Rats are not fortunate enough to have the leathery hides Orks have, nor the ability to consider the loss of an arm a minor inconvenience for that matter. As a result of this Dust Rats are subject to precisely the same rules of Pinning as Diggas (see pg. 20 of Da Roolz and pg. 12 of Digganob).


Dust Rats use their own weapons and will never use any other faction’s equipment and equally their gear cannot be used by any other side. Should Dust Rat weapons be captured they may be sold for half their purchase cost.

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