20 Mar 2010


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ij-co-2Previously I showed off my GoMo veteran with his long rifle, today I present a CO (Commanding Officer).

He carries a laspistol and a sword, playing to his strength – hand to hand combat. He’s an excellent shot like all from his faction, but he has the advantage of thorough combat experience, unlike most of his troops.

His starting stats look like this, at least at the time of writing:

4 4 4 3 3 1 4 1 7(8)

As you can see, he’s a pretty good all-rounder. His leadership rises to 8 when he manages to be victorious in a battle, just like other mob leaders.? Currently we’re undecided if he’s subject to pinning like other humans, although the normal warriors in the mob would suffer from pinning.

There’s also an idea we’re working on regarding bottle tests and extra dice or modifiers based on the number of officers still on the table, although it’s a work in progress.

ij-co-4   ij-co-3

His laspistol is amongst a class of weaponry available to the faction that is (at least currently) limited to warriors above a certain experience level. Higher technology such as las-based weaponry can only be used by suitably seasoned warriors, partly to limit the strength of the high ballistic skill of the faction. It’s supposed to be a unique trait, but not overkill! These days people can also buy bulk ammo online if they want to go hunting or for safety.

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