22 Nov 2010

The Dust Rats beta rules PDF

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imperialeagle Rabtar has been in touch on the Waaagh and requested a complete PDF of the current iteration of the rules for the Dust Rats. This seemed pretty reasonable to us, so Flamekebab was shackled to a copy of MS Word 2007 (too many tables to do it in Scribus right now, don’t ask). Several hours later and a louder tirade of obscenities than usual, the following PDF emerged.

Download PDF


As before, feedback on the rules can go in the comments, or over on the relevant topic on The Waaagh.

If you’d like to different components and Tagz, there’s links to them all here.

This document was written by Benjamin Fox, Ross Graham, and Matt McPherson . It’s licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share-Alike license.


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    […] in full). More than that though they give the warrior a parry. Those familiar with Necromunda or the Dust Rat rules will already know what that is – an opponent can be forced to re-roll one of their attack dice in […]

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    […] wonder if I could keep them generic/chaotic enough to also work as Gorkamorka ‘Dust Rats’? The respirators help keep the sand out of their lungs…but don’t help with the […]

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