8 Jul 2010

What’z bin ‘appenin Den?

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Whilst there’s not much happening on the surface, a lot of work is being done behind the scenes here at tUGS. We’ve been coming up with a roadmap for Ere Be Stuff to make sure it doesn’t end up like so many other projects, fizzling out and dying. We’re not promising anything and we’re definitely not at the stage where we can say for definite when we’re going to release the finished thing, but let’s just say that we’ve got an idea.

In terms of stuff you can expect to see released on the site within the coming month or two, there’s a fair bit to report…

Matt has been refining Da Green Pitz to fix some of the issues with the first version and Clayton is working on some artwork to go with them. Hopefully within a couple of weeks that will be released.

Several brand new scenarios have been written, with quite a few more planned. Those will appear in good time, and if at all possible, with some artwork to go with them. There are also plans afoot for a couple of new settings for scenarios, still on Angelis and in/around Da Skid, but allowing players to have fun with more than just a flat desert. There’s potential in them there ‘ills! (No, not the Howling Hills.)

In between that Ben and Matt have been throwing around an idea that is probably going to be received with both groans and cheers (from themselves and the audience). It’s based on developments in video games in recent years that hadn’t been envisaged at the time of Gorkamorka’s release. That’s all we’re saying for now on the subject but feel free to speculate.

One final thing – we’re recruiting more artists for the project as we’ve got a fair volume of things that need illustrations. Reckon you could doodle some Orks for us? Maybe some humans? How about deserts?

Leave a comment if you think you might be up to the job.

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  1. Deathrace King Says:

    Yeah! More new GM material on the way! I am sure it will be great! 🙂

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