23 May 2011

Zoggin’ Weirdboy!! – Feral Orkz

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A little more information on the Feral Orks. You might notice their origins story is much shorter than the Dust Rats one I wrote a while back. That’s almost entirely due to Feral Orkz being much simpler to explain than the Dust Rats. They’re Orkz. Just a bit dimmer.

I’m working on a Developers Commentary article for them as well so as more information comes out, you can also see how we arrived at the rules we did.

Oh and don’t go forgetting Buzrag either. I’ve got plans for him in the future. Poor sod.

Today, the Feral Orks are no more advanced technologically than they were around the time they were first spotted. They are however greatly xenophobic and every once in a while, a particularly strong Weirdboy will form a warband that sends raiding parties out in Da Skid looking for better food, people to kill and generally just to have a good hard bash at causing trouble.

While they overtly display a much stronger connection to the Waaagh!! than the Mektown orks, they lack almost all of the genetic knowledge regarding to mechanics and weapons building. However, these orks breed even faster than normal orks, are much bigger to start with thanks to the higher moisture and nutrient rich ashes of the dormant volcanos beneath the Howling Hills and while even thicker than the average concrete bunker take quite well to direction from a suitably large leader. There’s almost none of the backstabbing for control and jostling for position that the Mektown orks have. It’s much simpler than that. Da biggest is also da ‘ardest. He’s da Boss.

Perhaps however these would’ve been the closest to “peaceful” orks ever to spawn, with a simple command structure and no wants or desires beyond the next meal. Until Weirdboy came to town.

Weirdboy probably once had a name of his own but it’s long forgotten. Kicked out of Mektown and refused shelter anywhere near other civilised orks due to his unfortunate habit of making their heads blow up. A nob had gone to the brewhouse one morning to gather his boyz for battle and found them all headless and dead in the bar, with Weirdboy lying in the centre of it all, moaning and clutching his head. Thinking quickly, Buzrag clubbed Weirdboy over his head, threw him on the back of the trukk and drove him out into the desert and dumped him there. As Weirdboy woke up, he heard Buzrag screaming over the engines of his trukk. “ZOGGIN WEIRDBOY!!”.

How long Weirdboy wandered the desert isn’t known. His initial runty size makes it hard to determine how old he is, given that in Mektown he’d still be on the small side. However as he moved farther away from Mektown, his head began to clear and Weirdboy heard it for the first time. The sound was almost like music. It drew him across the desert and into the Howling Hills. And after weeks of wandering he found the Fungus Grove. He was greeted by all the other Weirdboys of the camp. The asked him what his name was and he told them his name was Weirdboy. The orks were stunned. The father of their society had returned. They begged him to tell them what they were to do next, having built the society he modelled. And Weirdboy spoke to them.
“Furst, I wants a good bit of yummies! Then I wants to go break some stuff!!”

As a little more info, a Feral Ork mob can be made up of Brutes, Weirdboyz, Wildboyz and Fickies. In place of vehicles they have Ridin’ Squigz and Squiggoths.  If you want to start considering a Feral Ork mob, think Warhammer Fantasy for the Orkz and you aren’t too far off.

Stay Green folks!


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  1. jaggedjaw Says:

    “Furst, I wants a good bit of yummies! Then I wants to go break some stuff!!”
    and that’s why people love orks so much

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