7 Sep 2011

Creating an FAQ for Gorkamorka

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Edit: There is now an FAQ available on YakTribe. If you have any questions it’s a good place to start!


One important document missing from Gorkamorka is an FAQ, official or otherwise. There’s quite a lot of things that it’s not entirely clear how they should work, as anyone who has taken part in a GoMo campaign can attest to.

Does having two six-shootas cancel out the reloading requirement, as it does in Mordheim?

How do multiple combats work when both sides are multiples?

Can you run over models in close combat?

Basically we, the community, are trying to get together a list of issues so that we can make a start on fixing these issues. Ideally we’ll be able to create a creative commons document to be released for all to use and redistribute to make all our lives a bit easier.

To provide a question or issue you can either post in the FAQ thread on The Waaagh, or leave a comment here.

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