10 Jan 2010

Da Necron Rayd

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One thing I hear a lot is that the Necrons appear in Gorkamorka. They’re not a playable faction, although they can appear in a battle and even then, there’s pretty much only one published scenario in which they appear, which happens to be the one available in the PDF below.

As the Necron legions sweep nearer and nearer to Mektown, they destroy mob after mob, until they find yours. The scenario is intended to be played as a grand last battle.

Download PDF

Some questions regarding the scenario, with answers from the author, Andrew Mcaleer.

Q) It says an Ork can pick up a gauss flayer from a dismembered Necron. When? When it’s down? Before it fades out of action?
A) Yes, unless the Ork is in base-to-base contact with the Necron, he will be unable to pick up the Gauss-Flayer as it will have faded away. (Get hand-to-handing if you want rare and meaty gunz!) This is most useful if your mob won’t be retiring at the end of the game.

Q) If it’s when the Necron is down and an Ork has his gun does it still have one if it gets back up again?
A) Correct, if its gun has been stolen, it’s a hand-to-hand only machine. Obviously, therefore, no Ork can steal another Gauss Flayer off it either.

Q) Can Necrons run/charge?
A) Necrons can indeed run and charge, just as in 40K2E.

Q) How far do destroyers move? Treat them like bikes? If so can they thrust?
A) Destroyers follow the rules for skimmers from the 40K 2nd Edition Rulebook. Their slow speed is 8″, Combat speed is 20″ and Fast is 30″. If you lack the 2nd edition 40K rules, treating as a bike is the next best thing.

Q) Destroyer armour penetrated. Do you roll on a damage table? If so which one?
A) The destroyer has its own damage table in WD216. on a 1-2 the Necron Warrior is hit, and the normal rolls for a Necron being shot then take place. If the Necron is killed, the Destroyer moves out of control until it leaves the table, is destroyed, or the Necron makes a successful I’ll be back roll.

On a 2-3 the Destroyer is hit. Roll a further D6 on the Tin’ead Destroyer Damage table:
Tin’ead Destroyer Damage Table(D6)

1 Weapon destroyed.
2 Engine Damaged.
Slow speed (8″) only from now on (or no thrusting if using bike rules)
3 Controls Damaged.
Roll a D6 every turn. On a 4-6 the destroyer moves as normal, on a 1-3 it moves as Out of Control (40K Rulebook: Skimmers) for that turn.
4 Crash!
The Destroyer moves Out of Control this turn and then crashes. Anybody under the Destroyer takes D3 strength 6 hits with a -2 save modifier.
5 Crash!
The Destroyer drops straight out of the air and is Destroyed. Anybody under the Destroyer takes D3 strength 6 hits with a -2 save modifier.
6 Spectacular Explosion!
The Destroyer moves Out of Control and explodes (blast 3″ radius) Anyone in the Fireball takes D6 strength 6 hits with a -4 Save Modifier.

Q) Metal Flayer
A) As for the Metal Flayer question I’ve seen elsewhere, yes, if you roll a 6 on either dice for Armour penetration, you can roll a further D6 and add that to your Armour penetration roll. That one was GW’s fault for not completely reprinting the Metal Flayer special rule in Gubbinz. It’s in WD218 (pg. 25) if you need the full text again.

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