25 Aug 2014


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Gubbinz contained a fairly mixed bag of new content but this article arguably brings the most advanced stuff to the table. It’s a bridge between Gorkamorka and Necromunda, merging Necromundan gangs into the world of Gorkamorka. It was written by Colin Stutt and by the looks of it quite a lot of thought went into it.

Arguably the most game-changing concept that carries over is the concept of Heavies. In Necromunda shooting is much more deadly and the arsenal available can be downright dastardly – not so much in Gorkamorka! Being able to bring things like lascannons to the table could well change the game dynamics substantially. It’s probably not wise to be in the open when testing the idea though – getting run over by a trukk full of Orks tends to ruin a warrior’s day!

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  1. Redsunz2000 Says:

    Well done for posting all this stuff up over the summer. Good to see it. Still more to come?
    David Cammack

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