20 Dec 2009

Hunt Da Dread

Filed under: Experimental, Scenarios


We were hunting around for Gorkamorka related stuff online and came across this. It’s from WD 216, January 1998, which also featured two other scenarios which we’ve been unable to find. On the plus side, we’re trying to get a copy of the magazine on eBay.


An industrious Mek and his Spanners uncovered an old Ork war machine in the wreckage of the Hulk. Dragging it back to his workshop, the Mek set about fixin’ it up. However, after loading all its guns, filling up its fuel tank and pressing the big ON button something went seriously wrong. Once activated the machine went on the rampage, killing the Mek and destroying the workshop! It is up to the Orks in the vicinity to destroy the marauding Dread and put an end to its destructive onslaught.

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