29 Apr 2010

Into Da Big Nuffink 1/5 – Get Da Big Boots

Filed under: Experimental, Scenarios

In Gubbinz there was an article called Into Da Big Nuffink written by Tim Cammack which provided rules for five different scenarios. We’re going to be sharing them with you in a teasing way by releasing them one by one, rather than all at once.

Why? Well, to be honest, the way we like to post scenarios as individual entries makes it easier on our system that way. Our setup lists the number of articles in the scenario category, this way that number will accurately reflect the number of the damn things we’ve actually got. Yeah, sorry about that rambling!

Sometimes a Mob will just get on everybody’s nerves, they’ll get too big for their own ‘Obnailz and annoy so many of the other mobs with their greedy selfish Orkiness that the other mobs sometimes band together to “Bash ‘em down a peg or two”. This is especially true for an old, successful well-established mob (with a high Mob-Rating) who get a bit too hard for any one mob to take on, on their own.

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