11 Jul 2014

Kamakazee Karts

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One from the archives today – these rules originally appeared in Gubbinz #1 and were written by Dan McGann.

Ever looked at a trukk and thought “You know, it’d be a lot better if it could explode more often?” well this one’s for you!

Admittedly Depiff does tend to swing between total risk aversion and reckless abandon when it comes to strategy in Gorkamorka. Putting this sort of thing in his hands might not be the best idea. Or perhaps it would truly be the best idea…

All kidding aside these bunker-busting buggies are precisely the thing to introduce a bit of mayhem into a game. They might even be a fun idea to build a scenario around.

On closer inspection it looks like either someone in the Fanatic Press editing room removed the price or Dan forgot to put one in. Suggestions on prices anyone?

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