11 Oct 2010

Orktober – User Contribs – News from Mektown 2 – New Gubbinz

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Mek Welcome to user contribution week – a week off for us!

Nah, we’re working pretty hard to make sure the Dust Rats stuff will be ready for next week, so we’re recording the fuel level and checking for initial damage before handing the keys to tUGS over to you ‘orrible lot.

The first feet on the ground are Noshrok Grimskull’s, bringing us some new gubbinz to have a play with. You might remember him from his rules for fielding Squigs back in September, if not, hey, this is Noshrok Grimskull, he lives in Germany and loves Gorkamorka like the rest of us. See how much you already have in common?

Needless banterous text aside:

Download PDF

Edit: A new PDF has been created using the more modern template.

These rules and artwork are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share-Alike license.

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