7 Sep 2016

3D Printing Turny Gubbinz

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Last week on the Gorkamorka Facebook group a certain Tommy Blom was asking after some measurements and before we knew it posted this:

Tommy Blom's Turny Gubbinz on Thingiverse

Yep – a 3D model ready for printing! Amazing what we can do these days.

Better still the model is under a Creative Commons Attribution license (3.0) so we’re free to share it however we like (as long as we give Tommy credit of course):

Download STL files

Here’s Tommy’s own print:

Ziddan's printed Turny Gubbinz

Incidentally if you’re interested in scans of the original Gorkamorka templates can be found here (make sure your printer is set to scale the document to 100% – not more or less).

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