2 Apr 2010

Flat Hat Tat

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gomo-hats-gamesdayToday I present to you a particularly obscure bit of GoMo memorabilia. I’m amazed one survived, but apparently it did – it’s a Gorkamorka card hat from Gamesday ‘97. They’re tacky as hell and can be seen on the heads of the kids in this photo. In fact, the hat is now thirteen years old – that’s got to be older than some of those children..  

The hat itself is actually slightly larger than A4, but only just. Either way, would you really want to wear it?

I’d recommend printing it on thin card stock, rather than paper. Once you’ve done that, use a sharp knife to cut along the swirly lines in it. The end result should look like.. well there’s a damn photo right there, look for yourself!GoMo-hat


JPEG version

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  1. GCE Gorker & Morker Faction Pack 1.0! Says:

    […] Yep, we’ve tracked down the exact release of the game as about fiveish on Sunday 28th September, 1997. Of course you had to be at Gamesday to get it then – and some of our awesome community were! I wonder if any of them still have their cardboard hats? […]

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