15 Aug 2014

Illuminations – John Wigley

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Exodite’s Gorkamorka Index is pretty good but digging through a stack of old White Dwarfs revealed that it was missing a few things. Mostly it was just preview things (we’ll put them up in a bit for completeness sake) but there was one piece that caught our attention: Illuminations – John Wigley.

This article is a little like one we posted last year: The Life of Brian. That covered sculpting but dealt with more than just Gorkamorka and similarly this piece on John Wigley isn’t just about the art of Gorkamorka. It actually pre-dates the release of GoMo by a few months as it was published in White Dwarf 212; ostensibly the August issue but more likely released in July.


Given the nature of it the file size is a bit on the large size: 18 MB. Not much of a problem these days but might cause some problems on tablets and mobile devices.

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