24 Aug 2010

So, what are bikes actually good for?

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Recently Easy E asked on The Waaagh what the point of Ork bikes were, which of course prompted an article on the subject, created with considerable help from all of those that replied to the topic.

Ork bikes are lousy at ramming, can barely fit any gubbinz and can’t mount big gunz at all. However, one spanner boy can support three bikes and they are only 10 teef each, fifteen if you factor in a driver allowing for a more flexible approach and avoiding putting all your eggs in one basket noted Da Bikers.

If you try to use a bike like you would a trukk or a trak you’re going to run into problems, but if you learn to play to their strengths then you can really harass your opponents.

As long as you build the bikes right you should be able to fit one passenger on them. That passenger won’t get any protection, unlike if they were the crew on another vehicle (or the bike’s driver for that matter) but they do become hyper mobile. A passenger can easily be transported near scrap counters, moved to an advantageous location, or be picked up and escape from trouble very quickly.


This picture is reason enough to have Ork Bikers in your mob

Zogg pointed out the often neglected rule of tailing, which is particularly useful with bikes. If you opt to tail an enemy vehicle you will move when they move meaning you can continually harangue them. Combining this with krak stikkbombs can be an excellent way to take down those pesky steel behemoths although a similar strategy can be employed if you’ve equipped the bike with twin-linked kannons (as I have) – every turn you’ll get D3 S4 shots at close range against the vehicle you’re after. Not amazing, but sooner or later you’re going to inflict some damage.

If vehicles aren’t troubling you then bikes can still be valuable assets – more so if you have multiple bikes in play. You see all those warriors in the open? Yeah, they could really benefit from being run over a few times!
You might not actually kill them, but it’ll certainly keep your opponent distracted, allowing you free rein to implement some sort of Kunnin’ Plan, if you’ve got one. If not, now you’ve got the breathing space to come up with one…

If you’ve got more ideas for good ways to use bikers in Gorkamorka either leave a comment on this article or head over to the forum and drop a reply there.


Artwork provided by Clayton Tait and used with permission.

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