17 Jan 2012

To the victor belong the spoils

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VJDnWOver on The Waagh NonComPoop has posted a few photos of some trophies made for a GoMo campaign. Trophies in other games aren’t uncommon but this is probably the first time we’ve seen any for Gorkamorka.

The trophies are made out of masonite, air drying clay and leather. They are to are made to scale so they could be worn if the player wanted.. I’d hang them on a wall personally though.



Anyone else got any similar things from your own GoMo campaigns? We’d love to see them if you do!



2 Responses to “To the victor belong the spoils”

  1. brad Says:

    cool and funny! the bottom piece looks like something a Native Am-ork-ican would wear! (nyuk nyuk)… Serious Style points there.

  2. MrGonzo Says:

    So cool!

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