19 Apr 2011

A snorta mob in the wild!

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While the Snorta mobs article gets a lot of hits we’ve never seen any evidence of anyone actually putting together a mob of them. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist of course, but now we know for sure they’re out there!

Burnface over at The Waaagh has just posted some shots of a Snorta mob from a campaign he’s involved in. They’re not finished yet, but here’s a preview:


Are they the first in the world? You tell us!

Apparently the campaign in Saskatchewan is going very well, so much so that they might have a campaign restart to accommodate new players. Keep us posted, guys.

By the way – Ramshackle Games have produced “Orc Dungeon Riders”. They might be a bit small compared to modern scale 40K Orks, but they’re probably worth a look:


Alternatively there are plenty of boar models available from Games Workshop in their Warhammer Fantasy line, particularly with the release of the Savage Orc Boar Boyz recently.

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