22 Mar 2010

Da Dok iz in!

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Artur has been busy again. Some of you might have seen this preview torso that appeared on Kromlech at the end of February and it’s been a while since then, but new pictures are available!

The parts should hopefully be available within a week or two on the MaxMini store, but that’s just a guess.

I’ll be picking some up eventually, but not until after the other bionic legs go up. At this rate the Cuttas Ov Da Jibb will need as many of these as they can get by then!

I’m still trying to determine what they’re supposed to be though, which is a little embarrassing!

The first is a Cybork Body, I think, but the rest are a little more interchangeable. I’m guessing one is a Kustom Thruster Booster whilst a third might be a Fuel Injection Implant, but it could be an Iron Lung or even Fungus Bref Lungs.

If you know, or just want to take a guess, leave a comment!


I may seem like a shill for these guys, in which case I apologise, but that’s not the way I see it. This company have recently started producing something I’ve wanted for years – bionikz for modern-scale Orks. I own the old gubbinz and they were pretty lacklustre and of course were designed to fit the tiny GoMo Orks. Having handled these new parts, I can sincerely say they rule and they’re not expensive either.

I will say this though – if you want the parts, order a couple of weeks in advance or use their courier. I used their regular postal service and was not too happy about the shipping time.

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