27 May 2011

Gringos and Soviets from Puppets War

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Over on the Waaagh Ryan has got in touch with me to tell me about a new site for awesome looking conversion bits that both myself and Matt feel you should all see, Puppets War.

First off their awesome Gringo Orcs:


Sculpted by Adrian Gawe, they’re available with and without accessories. You can even get the accessories on their own if you’re looking for some six-shootas.

Next up, Red Army Orcs!


Not bad, eh?

I personally think they’re awesome. Apparently there’s more to come too, so keep an eye on their site.

They’ve also got a whole load of different heads for humans and similar, as well as human scaled bionics which might be handy if your Dust Rats get a bit dinged up.


I think I’ll see about getting them added to our side bar. That’s all for today. Lots of work on the Feral Orks still to do!

Well, no, but a bit more at least.

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2 Responses to “Gringos and Soviets from Puppets War”

  1. Depiff Says:

    Could be fun for Snortas. Convert them for a Wild Western theme, rounding up some squigs to the ol’ ranch.

  2. Noshrok Grimskull Says:

    Now I just need an Ork head with a cowboy hat and an Ork body wearing a duster and I could start building my alter ego. Even better if both parts were Nob parts…

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