14 Apr 2013

Mad Meks 1

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Long ago when the site was fairly new we posted Mad Meks as taken from Gorkamorka Gubbinz #1. Since then serious effort has gone into acquiring the articles we’ve were missing so we’re going back and filling in the blanks at last!

Whilst these rules are the same as the one in Gubbinz this version is the original from White Dwarf 217, written by Gav Thorpe.

In this article you’ll find rules for the following gubbinz:

  • Mine layers (frag/krak)
  • Shoutas
  • Scrab Grabber
  • Wheel Slashas

Interestingly one of the gubbinz in the article, Shoutas, actually allows a vehicle to cause Fear. In order to board a leadership test would need to be passed. That might actually be somewhat game breaking when it comes to Rebel Grots – their Leadership is extremely low and they rely on boarding in combination with their Pilin’ On rules to even the odds.

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