15 Apr 2013

Mad Meks 2

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Another “from the archives” piece this time – the second of Gav Thorpe’s Mad Meks articles (from White Dwarf 220). The following gubbinz can be found in the PDF:

  • Spiky Wheels
  • Turnin’ Hook
  • Spike Droppa
  • Boosta Rokkit

The Turnin’ Hook seems vaguely useful although mostly for awesomely Orky tactics but 5 teef does seem bizarrely high. Given that all the gubbinz in this article have the same price one has to wonder whether there’s a typo. It hasn’t been updated in Gubbinz #1 but it doesn’t seem like the sort of thing a proof reader would pick up on anyway.

The Spike Droppa costs the same and is a fairly puny area denial weapon (S2 hits on infantry, D3 S3 hits on vehicle wheels/tracks) – some how that doesn’t seem right. Similarly the Boosta Rokkits are single use with a serious risk of causing real damage to the vehicle they’re mounted on. The pricing just seems off on all of these things so perhaps an FAQ ruling will be needed at some point.

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