22 May 2010

Orc War II weapon: PIAT Anti-Tank Launcher

Filed under: Modelling

piat-kromlech-imageThere was one last thing we wanted to share with you from the special package from Kromlech and that is their Orc War II PIAT anti-tank launcher and its accompanying rocket.

You might have seen it in the image they released of their weapons pack, but we can’t show you the rest of the weapons as we don’t have any yet. From this piece it’s looking like they’ll be pretty good though!

In the photo below you can see how big the launcher is compared to the standard Ork Boy arm holding it. It looks like a great piece for a unit of tank busters, or, in terms of Gorkamorka, it’d be pretty good as a mounted rokkit launcher thanks to its rather nifty integrated monopod.


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