19 Nov 2010

Painted kit-bashed Mutie

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Remember Flamekebab’s Seekers of Slaanesh kitbash article last month? Well, between him and Midnight they’ve finally got a painted Mutie:


There are a few additions to the model, like the Space Marine scope (which dates back to 1998, a gift from Laurence K, back in the old country!) and a few accessories from some Space Marine Scouts. The goggles are made from green stuff.seekers-of-slaanesh-mutie-kitbash-3

You might have noticed the rock beneath the mount’s right foot is unpainted, well the model isn’t finished yet – it’s going to be based at some point for the sake of stability, but there hasn’t been time yet. More photos:

seekers-of-slaanesh-mutie-kitbash-7 seekers-of-slaanesh-mutie-kitbash-2 seekers-of-slaanesh-mutie-kitbash-1 seekers-of-slaanesh-mutie-kitbash-5

Comments? Questions?seekers-of-slaanesh-mutie-kitbash-4


2 Responses to “Painted kit-bashed Mutie”

  1. Rei Says:

    Awesome job! Maybe the mount’s tongue should be a different color (maybe pinkier?), but that’s a great piece. Congrats!

  2. Flamekebab Says:

    Thank you for the complement!
    As it happens Midnight tried painting the tongue pink originally and it just didn’t look right. I’m planning on making some more in a while so I may well mix things up then, make some ‘Unks to go with this Snaga, that sort of thing.

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