16 Aug 2010

Seekers of Slaanesh for Mutie kitbashing

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IMG_6143 Around the 8th August the new Games Workshop plastic Seekers of Slaanesh were released heralding a simpler life for Mutie players. I ordered a set over at Maelstrom games (£13.50), giving me five of these multi-part beauties.

I’ve scanned them in so you can get a detailed look at what’s in the new box. A word of warning, each of the images is about 4MB, irrelevant to many, but could be annoying if your connection is a bit slow.

I don’t thing there are any legal problems with me posting images of these unboxed, but if there are I am quite willing to take them down.

seekers-of-slaanesh-1 seekers-of-slaanesh-2 seekers-of-slaanesh-3

As you can see, they’re pretty detailed. They’re also virtually dead-on the size of the old Muties. They’re not perfect for the job as you’ll probably need do swap some heads and some torsos, but the basis is good, particularly if you’re a dab hand with greenstuff.

I’m not going to assemble them just yet as I’ve got quite a lot of other stuff on the modelling table at the moment, notably the Dust Rat’s heavy vehicle, the SSV.

I think I’m going to try to get hold of some Kroot pieces to combine with this set, using some of the ideas from this forum thread.

Anyway, anyone looking to start a Mutie mob, your quest just got easier!


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