21 Mar 2011

sho3box’s Da Krusher

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsho3box has pointed out something quite interesting – there’s now a figure available that is ideal as Da Krusher. Ramshackle Games’ Gorillagon, sculpted by Electromancer.

There’s been plenty of other attempts at creating a model for Da Krusher, as no official one was ever produced, but this is the first affordable turn-key solution (the model costs £2.50!).

Anyway, sho3box has painted it up nicely and written a post about it to boot:

Da Krusher – Forty Shades of Green

2 Responses to “sho3box’s Da Krusher”

  1. sho3box Says:

    Im glad that you guys liked my take on the character 🙂 Strictly speaking he should probably have less flesh areas and a pair of Steel Horns, but that doesnt bother me really: he is just fine to represent the Krusher as is I think.

    Like all of Ramshackles stuff the model is very low cost and I really enjoyed painting the big chunky figure. Really, you cant go wrong. Plus Curtis is a really nice guy and we should support his cool little company 🙂

  2. MrGonzo Says:

    That’s a realy nice find you got there, sho3box!

    Went over to Ramshackle and had a look at it and for the given price it’s a clear no-brainer!

    *special thanks for that size comparison pic

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