9 Sep 2011

Some Rebel Grot vehicles for inspiration

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It’s not often that we post stuff for Rebel Grots but I think we’ve found something fun for you today. Over at GW-Fanworld there’s a thread containing some rather good links to some Rebel Grot conversions.

First off there’s this cutta by Morgash, although sadly there’s no finished photo in the thread:


Next up there’s a cutta and big lugga built using a combination of the original Gorkamorka Big Lugga kit and the modern Ork Trukk kit, done by grimgob.



There’s plenty more photos in the thread.

Over on the Penny Arcade forums there’s a single photo of some cuttas done by Technicality:


More recently there’s this cutta on Henry’s wargames and strange tat blog:

Grot Cuttergrot cutta mob 2

There we go, some inspiration for you. Thanks to HiveTyrantPrometheus for collecting these links!


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