29 Mar 2010

Starting a new ork mob – Grimlug’s Lads

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Back in January we posted an old White Dwarf article about collecting a GoMo mob, since then one of our starting mobs, Nazgrab’s Yella Deff, has grown quite considerably and now has a mob rating of 293. Whilst this is great, it does mean I’ve hit a bit of wall – the mob is significantly ‘arder than all the others in our campaign. To alleviate this I’m temporarily retiring Da Yella Deff and starting another mob. Once the other players’ mobs catch up, Nazgrab and his boys will be back for more.

So, thought I, why not write an article of my own about starting my new ork mob? I’d love to have my own freeboota mob but I think that they shall have to wait until Da Cuttas Ov Da Jibb are more advanced. Without further ado, let’s get started:

1. Gorkers or Morkers?

This one’s easy – Nazgrab and his lads are Morkers and favour lots of vehicles and speed. My new mob is going to be Gorkers. Lots of spikes and weaponry.


2. Da Boss

grimlug Grimlug is my Gorker nob. He’s built from parts from several sets, although mostly he’s from a 40K ork nob box set. His kannon is clearly custom built, mainly because I couldn’t find any resin kannons when I came to build him. Conveniently it’s actually exactly right for the left over kannon shells we had from building the belt-fed twin-linked kannons on Da Yella Deff’s bike.

I’ve also given him a choppa, giving him a decent chance both in melee and at range. As he’s got both BS4 and WS4, it’d be silly not to make good use of him.


3. Da Spannerz


Rotgrim and ZodZod are my spanners. I don’t actually need two, but I feel I’m cheating a little with my overly large trak and plan on buying a suitable buggy or trukk after a few games to give the boyz a bit of breathing room. Rotgrim is packing a kannon (custom resin cast) and an original Gorkamorka weapon sprue choppa whilst ZodZod is going to be manning (orking?) the trak’s ‘eavy shoota.


4. Da Vehicles

Spikespike-frontSee what I mean about an oversized trak?

It’s made from an original GoMo trak, a 2nd Edition 40k ork warbike, a headlight from a modern ork warbike, an old GoMo ammo box (which is oddly exactly the right calibre ammo for modern ork big shootas..), oh and a hell of a lot of plasticard.

It’s got Zogdreg as the driver, one of my three yoofs. He’s not carrying anything more than his knife – he’s got the lousy job of getting the mob to its next fight.

I thought that as I was trying to play differently with this mob, I’d give the ‘eavy shoota a try. It costs as much as the trak itself but could be worthwhile – after all, it fires 2-6 shots per turn at S5, some of those are bound to hit, right?


5. Da Slaverz

For now I’m not going to bother with a slaver, but perhaps later some diggas or grots will come in handy. Just to get in the enemy’s way, right?


6. Da Boyz

Gorog_WazbagTo start with I’m just going to be fielding two boyz – Gorog and Wazbag. Gorog has a club (courtesy of the biker sprue) and a slugga. Wazbag thinks he’s a deadeye gunslinger and is packing two six shootas to prove it – annoyingly I can’t find any resin six shootas either, thank you, irony..


7. Da Yoofs

Gutrunt_Dursnaga I’ve already mentioned Zogdreg, the trak driver, but there’s two others in the mob too; Gutrunt and Dursnaga. They’re each armed with a choppa and a club, Gutrunt’s club from the biker sprue, Dursnaga’s from the remains of Nazgrab’s old harpoon gun.


8. Da Grotz

As I said earlier, no grots for now, maybe later.


9. Rolling for Starting Experience

I’ve sorted out their experience and the total mob rating comes to 116. Not particularly high, particularly compared to the others in the campaign, however, if they win they’ll be looking at a pretty sweet income bonus and a bit of extra experience either way!

By the way, if you’re struggling with naming your orks, try out this orky name generator.


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