15 Jan 2017

The successor group

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There’s been a Gorkamorka group on Facebook for quite a while but after the old admin retired the community there was left floundering. At least at the time Facebook didn’t have a proper admin succession system in place and so the only option was to create a new community. Skarnir took it upon himself to do just that and roped some of the other usual suspects in to ensure there’d be a full admin team (Dim_Reapa, Kiblams, and Flamekebab).

With four people approving member requests it recently surpassed a thousand members. Turns out there’s quite a lot of people interested in this daft little game!

You can find the group here:

Gorkamorka Facebook Group

2 Responses to “The successor group”

  1. Redsunz2000 Says:

    Nearly 20 years on and still going strong!

  2. Snazzbonce666 Says:

    That’s cos Gorkamorka is the best game ever

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