17 Apr 2010

We Woz ‘Ere Furst: Da Mashers vs. The Brethren of Magod

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mutie-art If you visit the site regularly you might have read some of our battle reports, such as the recent battle we had between muties and freebootaz. The Questers of Magod are our campaign’s mutie mob who have had steady growth in both skills and killiness.

We’ve not encountered many other mutie mobs online but there’s probably some out there (comment and let us know if you have one). Regardless, we thought you might be interested in the first (and as far as we know only) mutie battle report published in White Dwarf back in July 1998, well over eleven years ago.

In this article Paul Miller’s Diggas, Da Mashers, face off against Gav Thorpe’s muties, The Brethren of Magod, in We Woz ‘Ere Furst.

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  1. max Says:

    Great blog you guys have!

  2. Flamekebab Says:

    Thanks, max!

    Quick question – how did you find the site?

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