Contributing Artwork to GCE

If you’d like to contribute art for use in GCE that’d be fantastic. Doing the layout for the books is much easier with a collection of artwork and photos which can be dropped in to break things up (and for when the content doesn’t fit neatly).

Things you need to know:

Creative Commons

You will need to be happy to release the artwork under a Creative Commons licence. In short you explicitly agree to make the art freely available for our use. To do this head over to and pick the parameters. Then simply tell us which licence you’ve chosen and we’ll abide by it.

Our go-to is the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International licence but you can pick whatever you like. For preference don’t pick a “no derivatives” licence as we sometimes need to modify art slightly (e.g. adjusting the background to be pure white so that it blends with the document background) but if you feel strongly about that then that’s okay too. We’re also happy to discuss specifics with you before going to print, if that’s your preference.


Your art will be credited in the licence box at the end of any GCE book it’s used in. You do not need to supply a name and if you choose to you don’t need to supply your real name. Let us know how you’d prefer to be credited and we’ll go with that.


In terms of utility our preference is for pieces of art that will take up approximately 1/3rd or 1/6th of a portrait format page:

However other formats are useful too, those two sizes are just the ones we most commonly need.


GCE is designed to be printed in monochrome and so ideally artwork shouldn’t use colour. We can convert things to monochrome of course but it can be handy to know beforehand!

Cover Art

If you fancy doing something extravagant like cover art for a faction pack then that’d be brilliant and we can use that too. Currently the following books lack cover art:

  • GCE Core Rules
  • GCE Campaign Book
  • GCE Gorker/Morker Faction Pack


We’re not generally looking for photos of games of GCE but if you’re visiting this page after a call for photos the information above applies to them too.

Contacting Us

This page exists so that when we need to provide this information it’s all in one place. We tend to place calls for artists on social media and you can contact us through those channels. Depending on whether comments currently work you might be able to comment on this page too (make sure you use a valid email address when commenting so that someone can reach out to you!).