15 Mar 2010

A veteran takes aim

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ij-v-1As of this evening, the first of our new GoMo faction steps into the glare of Angelis’ bright sunlight. He’s a veteran and wields a long rifle, he also carries a close combat weapon.

4 4 4 3 3 1 3 1 7

He’s currently about 9 teef without equipment, although that’s likely to go up. He also starts with a significantly higher level of base experience in order to limit his opportunities to acquire further skills and stat increases.

Additionally, at the moment, mobs are only allowed 0-2 veterans, plus their commanding officer. The rest of the troops have a starting WS of 2. We didn’t want to cripple the mob too much by leaving their hand to hand troops completely useless.

These stats may well change in future, playtesting is scheduled to begin soon, depending on other commitments. The other models are finished but not fully painted yet, although the vehicles are a different matter. I’m working on creating a kit of the model I’ve created for their light trucks, time depending.

 ij-v-2 ij-v-3


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