31 Oct 2011

Abak Manyfingaz–Sumboy Extraordinaire!!

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The mysterious driving force behind the town revealed at last. Abak is a special kind of Ork, packing not only brawn but brainz to match as well. In another life he might have been a mighty Warboss with an entire Waaagh!!! at his command. But Fate cast him in the role of banker and its a job he approaches with the same brutality as the biggest Bosses take to war.

Illustration by Andrew Meijers (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 Unported license)

‘Ence the expression, “as greedy as a squig”.

A Finga in every pie.

For a while the town grew steadily, adding a Slaverz barracks to keep the Gretchin the Mek employed in line and then came the arrival of Abak Manyfingaz, one of the bizarre Sumboyz. Orks generally carry teef on a day to day basis but occasionally a Nob or business owner builds up a good haul of teef that would make him a target for bein’ pounded on by the other Orks in order to steal said teef. When this happens, the smarter Orks take their teef to the Sumboyz who will guard them against theft and increase their hoards by somethin’ the Sumboyz call “wise investin'” whatever that means. All they know is that if they give Abak a pile o’ teef, when they come back later, Abak will give them the same teef back and a few more. He even does the tedious calculations involving his fee ahead of time so there’s no head hurtin’ sums to be done when an Ork returns for his teef.

Abak achieves this miracle by transporting scrap and goods to and from Mektown under the Sumboyz system of “Buy’ em small and Sell’ em Big!” While no one outside the Sumboyz really gets this, it has made Abak a pretty rich Ork as he pockets a good amount of teef in profit from the system. He runs a Sumboyz Countin’ House just off the market square and the owners of the nearby businesses are pleased to have a good place to keep their teef stashes between runs to Mektown for extra supplies.

Abak himself is a fairly large ork, easily on a par with most of the nobs in size and his clothes are tailored to a standard that is almost unheard of amongst Orkz. They haven’t just got bagz of snazz, they’ve got klass!. His real power however comes from the fear of what he might do to you if you start missing payments on a teef loan Abak generously provided you with. During buzinezz times, Abak is accompanied by his two boyz who will shake down other Orks who default on their payments and his custom Snazzgun is never far from his reach. His desk in the countin’ house has a set of choppas crossed on the wall behind him, serving as a constant reminder to the Orks he deals with where his title of Manyfingaz came from. Let’s just say that his debt collection methods will often cost you an arm and a leg…

All buzinezz is good buzinezz

Abak has a hand in all the major business transactions that go down in Da Town and supports his fairly lavish lifestyle by doing business with anybody that has the teef and the discretion to keep their big gobs shut. If they didn’t shoot on sight, he’d probably work with the Muties and Dust Rats too as long as they had big stacks of Orky teef or supplies to barter with.

His transactions with Mekboy Brazzop would be of particular interest to the Big Mekz as a huge amount of prime tek is moved through the town by the Freebootaz, Bikerz, and other shady sorts. Abak knows he can trust Brazzop to give him the best information on what’s worth keeping, what’s in demand and what’s a useless hunk of junk that some cheeky little Mek is trying to pass off as fine craft. Brazzop doesn’t mind Abak taking his cut as he knows full well that it’s Abak’s reputation that holds off the Big Mekz from flattening the little frontier town and claiming all his scrap as their own. Mysterious accidents seem to happen to a lot of mobs that are sent to deal with Brazzop and while there have been several successful break-ins to the counting house, no one has ever broken out again. Dok Biskap always seems to have a supply of extra limbs and bioniks shortly after one of these attempted incursions as well but no one has so far dared to voice this connection. Those who were smart enough to notice, were smart enough to keep their mouths shut and by extension, their teef in them.

For the enterprising mid-level mob, Abak has a few task he can send them on and the rewards for these could be substantial. But the consequences of being in Abak’s deep and sweaty pockets could be just as bad if the Big Mekz find out a mob has been dealing with him behind their backs.

To be continued…


We’re working on getting Da Town in a finished state before the year is out but real life has a nasty habit of interfering. I’m also attempting National Novel Writing Month again this year so I have to divide my writing between two different areas at once now. This years Halloween scenario unfortunately had to fall by the way-side as it was simply too complex to be finished on such short notice. Barring a major disaster, it will be incorporated into some of the weirder scenarios which surround the town. If there is a major disaster, look for it next Halloween :p

Stay green folks!


Illustration by Andrew Meijers (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 Unported license)

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