10 May 2010

Da Green Pits – Healing Muties

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UPDATE – The finished version of these rules has been released.

mutie-raidersWith the cessation of exams there has finally been enough time for Matt to finish a set of rules we have been using for a while for healing Muties.

Muties have had a lot left out for what was supposed to be an extensive expansion of the game, one of which was the "Dok’s Serjery" table. No Mutie healing rules exist and the books explicity states that Doks never work on Muties.

Given the huge cost of individual Muties, rebuilding even one lost warrior can take many games. So to aid the healing process, I present for your consideration, the bounty of the Cognoscenti: The Green Pits of Magod!

-Matt McPherson

Download PDF

These rules are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share-Alike license.


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