10 Oct 2011

Da Town – Home away from home

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Greetings fellow Gorkers and/or Morkers! As part of the continuing tradition of Orktober, we present to you a look at what is coming up this week, Da Town, a little slice of Orky life outside the walls of Mektown.


Da Town offers something that Gorkamorka tends to avoid on the basis of its difficult to manoeuvre vehicles inside an urban area and the best scrap tends to be found out in the desert. But scrap isn’t the only thing that has value on Angelis. Delicious fungus beer, squig meat, and slaves all have some value to all the parties out in the desert. Not to mention this is a place where the Big Mekz aren’t paying too close attention to what is going on, allowing Freebootaz and Bikerz to conduct their shady deals without worrying too much about what’s going on.


In terms of mechanics the town opens up a host of new possibilities for how to handle movement and other special actions. However we know not everyone wants these so the rules for Da Town will be split into two parts, one set of Basic rules which only add a few things that aren’t covered by the stuff in the rulebooks and an Advanced set which will cover the more complicated actions that can occur. Scenarios will also have additional rules added which are optional for those who wish for a more involved experience and like things like NotMobz making their day better or worse. Either way if you’re just looking for some new terrain or want to add a new level of depth to the campaigns that you can conduct while playing Gorkamorka, Da Town has something for everybody!


So over the next week or two we’ll have a bunch of stuff for you to look at and maybe implement yourselves. Flamekebab will be showing you how to construct these buildings for very reasonable prices, though little Grotz might need an adult to help them with the cutting of bitz. There’s also scenarios in the works which will be released, allowing for all mobs to have a go at the town as well as some mob specific ones that relate to the background of those mobs. Rebel Grotz in particular will gain their first unique scenario from the arrival of Da Town. More on that later. There’s also some good old fashioned Gorkerz vs. Morkerz stuff for all the purists out there who haven’t yet managed to scrounge up a copy of Digganob yet as well!

I’ve also put together a little bit of fiction to describe how this place came about and to describe the major players in Da Town who will also hopefully gain mini-campaign scenarios relating to them. There’s also a 3 scenario mini-campaign dedicated to Da Town which features some new mechanics and helpful rules clarifications for dealing with stuff that GW never dreamed of back in the day. Those intrigued should dust off their weapons and get ready to Goff Rok!

Good luck out there! Stay Green!

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2 Responses to “Da Town – Home away from home”

  1. MrGonzo Says:

    Will it be part of a bigger board?

  2. Flamekebab Says:

    For us it’s going on a 4′ by 4′ board as that’s all we have space for. That said there’s no reason one couldn’t make Da Town even bigger.

    We’ve also considered using the buildings as part of a rolling road scenario allowing one to race through the streets.

    The paper map in the picture is about 3′ by 3′ and when the actual buildings are placed on a real board that’s 4′ by 4′ it works out pretty much perfectly in terms of extra wiggle room for bigger vehicles and space around the edges.

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