22 Jul 2011

Feral Ork Special Rules – Part 1

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Feral Orks mobs aren’t cohesive units, in fact they’re a terribly organised rabble that sometimes realises there’s an enemy to fight!
At any given moment in time there’s a squabble going on about whose shiny thing that is, or where the yummiez went, or how far away that rock is. Normally the biggest boy in the group will spend as much time yelling and cursing at them to try to keep them focussed as he does actual fighting, although this only works some of the time. The fighting always starts amongst Fickies but if all of them are already bickering then the Wildboyz tend to wade in to sort things out, usually dragging the Weirdboy with them.

To represent this at the start of every turn the mob’s Brute must take a leadership test. If he fails, count the difference between his score and his Leadership characteristic and roll a corresponding number of D3s. That total is how many Feral Orks are affected by Animosity.
When determining which models are affected by a failed Animosity check start with the Fickies. If there are no unaffected Fickies left then assign the remainder to the Wildboyz and lastly the Weirdboy. Brutes are never affected by failed Animosity checks.

For example a Brute with a Leadership of 6 takes an Animosity check and rolls 9. The difference between his score and his Leadership characteristic is 3, so 3D3 models are affected. The result is 9 but there are only 7 Fickies on the board thus his two Wildboyz are also affected.

If the Brute is Down or Out of Action then a Wildboy can take the test, and lastly a Weirdboy if there is no one else (Fickies can never test). Should no one be available to maintain order then take the test anyway, but without a leadership characteristic.

Example: with no one able to take the check the player takes the test, rolling a 7. As a result 7D3 models are affected by Animosity this turn!

Orks are an intrinsically psychic race and this manifests itself in arguments too (this is quite possibly why bar brawls are such a popular pastime in Mektown). All the models affected by Animosity will react in the same way. Roll on the Animosity Table (D6) to find out what they’re up to for the duration of the turn.

Animosity table


The warrior doesn’t feel like fighting and just sits down. He counts as pinned for the rest of the turn (he will have recovered by the start of the next turn, unless another Animosity check is failed).


The warrior charges the nearest target, be it friend or foe.


The warrior charges towards the nearest enemy target, even if he can’t reach it.


The warrior is overcome by Frenzy and charges the nearest enemy target, even if he can’t reach it.

In terms of which models are affected it will always be those furthest from the model taking the Animosity check.
A model affected by animosity holding a scrap counter will not move, instead they hold onto the shiny bits tightly. Any models within 6" of such a warrior that are affected by animosity are overcome with jealousy and will charge over to them, spending the rest of the turn squabbling.

Animosity and Vehicles

Animosity affects models onboard a vehicle differently. Warriors onboard spend the rest of the turn brawling with each other or hurling insults. Sometimes both at the same time. The vehicle may still move as normal and Big Gunz may still fire, but the crew may not disembark or shoot. If boarded they will still fight as normal.

Fickies Psychology

Fickies are a slow bunch at the best of times, but when there’s a fight to be had you’d think they’d be able to hold it together for a few minutes – not a hope. Fickies on their own suffer from Stupidity at all times (as detailed on page 49 of Da Roolz), however to prevent this, they can stick together in a group where the build-up of Waaagh!! energy is enough to keep them on track for a while. If before they move, Fickies are within 2" of 2 or more friendly models, they do not suffer from stupidity that turn.
Fickies in such a group cannot Hide or go on Overwatch as the others will give them away, distract them, or just generally make a nuisance of themselves. For the purposes of Bottlin’ Out tests Fickies only count as half a model.


Weirdboyz are relatively uncommon in normal Ork society as they suffer ill-effects as a result of being immersed in the psychic field that all Orks generate and the few that do survive are generally put to work as walking weapons to use against the Orks enemies. Through the mutations and DNA damage done to the Feral Orks, the Brutes, Wildboyz and Fickies radiate their psychic energy differently, essentially on a different frequency to the Weirdboyz, allowing them to flourish. The genetic damage done also seems to have made Weirdboyz more common in Feral Ork society as well. Weirdboyz have several special abilities that no other Ork has access to which are detailed below.


Weirdboyz begin their time in a Mob with the following powers and can gain more when they gain experience. See the Skill Table – Da Waaagh!!! for further powers that can be acquired. The Weirdboy can only use one power per turn and it consumes his entire shooting phase. Certain powers are cast outside the shooting phase but the model still cannot shoot if he uses one of these. Additionally, a Weirdboy cannot run and use one of his powers in the same turn in a manner similar to shooting.

Strength of Gork! – Difficulty 5
The Weirdboy focuses all of the Waaagh in his head on a single Wildboy or Brute, making them stronger and orkier than before. This manifests itself as a +1 to either WS and BS or as +1 to Initiative until the end of the turn. This power has a maximum range of 10".

Cunnin’ of Mork! – Difficulty 5
The Weirdboy can channel the Waaagh!! to boost Fickies mental abilities so that they can return to a functioning group. Up to 3 Fickies can be made to move closer to one another by 4". If this places them within the radius for Fickies Psychology to take effect then they do not suffer from Stupidity this turn. This power can only be used at the start of a turn before any movement takes place but still consumes the shooting phase of the casting Weirdboy. This power has a maximum range of 24".

E.g. Three Fickies are 4" away from one another at the start of your turn. The Weirdboy can spend his shooting phase at the start of the turn before movement and move them up to 4" towards each other until they are within 2" of one another using Cunnin’ of Mork!.


The Weirdboyz have greater access to the might of Gork and Mork as they grow in power and experience. It allows them to draw upon the nigh infinite power of da Waaagh!! to produce powerful, awe-inspiring and sometimes downright silly effects.
Weirdboyz can roll on the Waaagh!! powers table instead of a normal skill table should they wish to. Roll a D6 to determine which power the Weirdboy adds to his repertoire. If you roll on the table and get a result for a power that you already have, you may either reduce the difficulty of the power in question by 1 or roll again on the table until you get a result you do not already possess. You do not get to choose which ability you get like other skills on a duplicate result, the Waaagh! is simply too chaotic and Orky for any kind of structured learning to occur.

  1. Fickies Revenge! – Difficulty 6
    This affects all models within 2D6" of the Weirdboy, sapping at the mental energies of those nearby. All models are automatically Pinned, including your own warriors. Pinning is resolved in the usual manner. This affects models that are usually invulnerable to pinning as well.
  2. Right Sparky!! – Difficulty 7
    This particular channeling fires small stinging lightning in an 4" template (a standard Gorkamorka blast marker) around the Weirdboy. All models caught in the template are driven away from the Weirdboy D6". Unlike other powers a Weirdboy may use this ability while in Hand to Hand combat thereby disengaging.
  3. Fungus Patch! – Difficulty 6
    Tiny slippery mushroom like tendrils sprout around the Weirdboy within an D3+3" template centred on the Weirdboy. All terrain within this template is considered difficult terrain and already difficult terrain becomes Very Difficult terrain and remains until the start of the Weirdboyz next turn. If this spell is cast from a vehicle the template moves with the squiggoth and is measured from the centre of the beast. The difficulty is increased by 2 making it a Difficulty 8 power, when cast from squig-back.
  4. Speed of Mork!! – Difficulty 7
    D6 friendly models double their Movement until the end of their turn. If an affected model does not move at least 10" while under this effect, roll a scatter dice and have him move 8" in the direction the dice indicates to burn off the excess Waaagh!!! Do this for each Ork that does not exceed 10" of movement.This power can only be used at the start of a turn before any movement takes place but still consumes the shooting phase of the Weirdboy in question. If this movement brings him into base to base contact with a foot model or a vehicle, stop the movement and resolve as normal. For the purposes of hand to hand, the Feral Ork counts as having charged.
  5. Fists of Gork!! – Difficulty 8
    Two mighty fists of Gork appear and each attack the nearest enemy at WS 4 and S4 with a -1 Save Modifier. If the enemy falls after the first hit, the second fist finds someone else to pound on, attacking the next nearest enemy model. Enemies put down by the Fists of Gork do not automatically go out of action as models in Hand to Hand would, unless they are in base to base contact with another foot model who kindly crushes their skull. If the Weirdboy fails his roll by 5 or more, the Fists attack the nearest friendly models in order of proximity to the Weirdboy. If the enemy wins combat against a fist, it simply dissipates back into the Waaagh!!! Enemy models who best a Fist do not gain any experience for doing so.
  6. Might of Gork AND Mork!!! – Difficulty 10
    A mighty green lightning bolt strikes a chosen enemy within 12" of the Weirdboy and immediately forces 2 rolls on the Injury Table. If the Weirdboy fails his Difficulty roll by 5 or more when using this power, he is struck by the bolt himself and takes the appropriate wounds.This cannot be used on a model already in hand to hand combat.


Shiny Bitz

Weirdboyz can go to the elder Weirdboyz in the tribe and have them imbue their staff with additional properties in the same manner as a Kustom Job. The available Kustom Jobs are shown below.

  1. Idol of Gork – The designated model gains an additional +1 to WS or BS until the end of his turn on top of the usual +1 when the Weirdboy uses Strength of Gork! for each idol added to his staff. These can allow temporary WS or BS above the stated maximums for Feral Orks.
  2. Idol of Mork – The Fickies can each move an additional 1" when under the effects of Cunnin’ of Mork for each idol added to the staff.
  3. Symbol of da WAAAGH!! – The Weirdboy gains +1 to his roll to see if he has beaten the Difficulty Check for a Waaagh!! power for each Symbol he adds to his staff.
  4. Fickies’ Toof – When animosity takes effect, each Fickies Toof reduces the number of D3s rolled to determine the number of Orks affected by animosity by 1.

A Weirdboy of 41 or above experience may have one kustom job on his staff. A Weirdboy of 101 experience can add an additional custom job. A true Warphead, 201+ XP, can have one further Kustom Job added.
Each Kustom Job costs D6 teef and the Weirdboy must skip the next battle while he participates in the lengthy ceremony the elders demand.
A Weirdboy can only own one staff. Weirdboy’s staffs are not lost as a result of capture as trying to move the staff away from the Weirdboy, even when unconscious the staff becomes inexplicably heavy and causes splitting migraines in all nearby. The staff is usually stuck into the sand out of his reach instead and is reclaimed if he is freed. If the Weirdboy has any Shiny Bitz on his staff, roll a D6 when he is freed. If the result is a 1 or a 2, one of the Shiny Bitz has been nicked as a trophy. The staff regains one of its former slots but all normal procedures must be followed if you wish to add another shiny bit to the staff. Remember to subtract the cost of the Shiny Bit from the Weirdboy’s cost.

Examples of Staff Setups
1x Idol of Gork, 1x Idol of Mork, 1x Fickies Toof – The Weirdboy excels in his buffing and anger management abilities, helping to stop the mob falling apart.

3x Symbol of da Waaagh! – Focussing on power, this gives the maximum chance of success when trying to use the more difficult abilities.

3x Fickies Toof – Preventing animosity from becoming an issue in your mob keeps you mobile and fighting more than the average Feral Ork mob.

3x Idol of Gork – Improving the pairing of the Brute and Weirdboy, turning them into a brutal melee combo.


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