26 Jul 2011

Feral Orks beta rules PDF

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The fungus groves in the Howling Hills aren’t as empty as first thought and now you and the other residents of Angelis can find out why. Those pesky Feral Orks have emerged at last and they’re out there now, in search of yummiez and fightin’…

Just like with the Dust Rats, feedback on the Feral Ork rules can go in the comments, or over on the relevant topic on The Waaagh.

bigboy-and-weirdboyIf you want quick links to the individual components of this PDF you can head over to the summary post.

Download PDF


This document was written by Liam Davenport, Benjamin Fox, Ross Graham, and Matt McPherson. It’s  licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share-Alike license. The layout graphics were created by Benjamin Fox. The artwork above was created by Clayton Tait.


5 Responses to “Feral Orks beta rules PDF”

  1. MrGonzo Says:

    Ace! Good stuff!
    Will definitely read it through!

  2. Malcav Says:

    Reading this on my way to Ed tomorrow. Still love how you have GM.co.uk

  3. Konrad Says:

    Having a great time with the Ferals! A buddy of mine is running them in our local Kam-pane and they are absolutely hilarious. He’s only mangaged to win one game out of 4, but it’s been a lot of laughs. We’ll see if they can actually “kompete”.

  4. Steve Says:

    A question:

    Can Only Wildboyz ride Squigs or can Brutes, Weirdboyz and Fickies? As the way it is written leads you to to think only Wildboyz can.

  5. Flamekebab Says:

    Just Wildboyz. Feel free to house rule it and report back if it works though!

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