22 Jul 2011

Feral Orks In Campaign

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Leadership Challenges

In a Feral Ork mob it comes down to who is the biggest and toughest to lead, regardless of smarts, planz, or any other clever stuff. Feral Orks know where they stand when it comes to being da ‘ardest and so if a Wildboy ends significantly ‘Arder than the mob’s current Brute, he’s going to make it clear who the new boss is.

If a Wildboy’s Strength and Toughness characteristics exceed those of the current mob leader a leadership challenge will occur at the earliest opportunity, as per the Pit Fights rules on page 66 of Da Uvver Book. Ignore results of Shooty in the restrictions table on page 67 of Da Uvver Book, instead treat a roll of 1, 2, or 3 as Cunnin’ and a roll of 4+ as ‘Ard.

Only Wildboyz will ever challenge the Brute as Fickies are too thick to try and the Weirdboy has enough on his plate summoning the powers of the beyond!


Driver and Gunner Disputes

Feral Orks may be dimmer than most but they still know an important job when they see it and firing the Spika Cannon or telling the Squiggoth where to go is a coveted position, sometimes carrying with it extra yummies if they do well. As a result, Driver and Gunner disputes are resolved just like any other Ork mob (See "Slop Shops and Brewhouses", page 66 of Da Uvver Book).


Deaths of Warriors

Just as with normal mobs, if a Feral Ork dies all of his equipment is lost and cannot be re-allocated to another model (see "Death of a Warrior", page 68 of Da Uvver Book).


Death of a Leader

Sometimes the bigger they are, the harder they fall and they don’t come much bigger than the Brutes. When a Brute dies as a result of battle, the pecking order is almost immediately re-established. Add the Strength and Toughness of each Wildboy together and the one with the highest total number is designated the new Brute. In the event of a tie resolve a leadership challenge as detailed above. If there are no Wildboyz in the mob then you must hire one at the earliest opportunity.

Feral Orks and Other Mobs


Feral Orks and Captives

Feral Orks will never pay or accept a ransom but will exchange captives. Should that not be an option one rescue attempt may be made but if it fails then the warrior is killed and all equipment lost. Feral Orks cannot make use of any weapons or equipment a captive had but they don’t go hungry either, which is represented by some extra income from the captive. Muties and their mount have plenty of meat on them and earn a mob 2D6 teef, Orks are provide D6 teef of yummies, as do tasty Diggas and Dust Rats, Grots are only worth D3 teef, and Snots are nothing but a mouthful and so give nothing.

Captured vehicles cannot be eaten, although one or two fickies are bound to try, but the shiny parts can be bartered with other Feral Orks for 3D6 teef.


Feral Orks as Captives

As previously mentioned, Feral Orks will exchange captives but cannot pay ransoms and must instead play a rescue scenario. As with normal mobs, equipment captured with a warrior who is not exchanged may be kept and used by the capturing mob, with the exception of Brute equipment (Big Hamma and Iron Hide). Feral Orks can be forced to work in mines but will only ever generate D3 teef each.

Squiggoths/Squig mounts captured by enemies behave as if they were vehicles in terms of selling them off for scrap as they provide a nice slab of squig meat for those in desperate need of some munchin’ (see page 54 of Da Uvver Book).


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